Guatemala Trip


We are planning an amazing trip for you!  Ix Style is inviting you to spend time is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Please fill out the survey below and tell us what you would like to do on your trip.

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Visit Mayan Shamman and Mayan fire ceremony in Mayan caves

Duration 2-5 hours.

Fire ceremonies are the center of all spiritual practices and common among all ancient and native cultures. A fire ceremony is the most powerfully transformative of all rituals. Prepare to be memorized by the ancient cultural ceremony which is essential to Mayan beliefs and cosmology.

Hang glide or Canopy from the mountains above Lake Atitlan and end by the spectacular waters of Lake Atitlan

Duration 3 hours per activity.

Feed your adrenaline and see Guatemala from a bird’s eye perspective. Hang glide or canopy though the beautiful surroundings which will be sure to give you the most unique and exhilarating views of your trip.  

Hike Indian Nose Mountain + Watch The Sunrise at Lake Atitlan Sunrise (wake up at 3am) back for breakfast

Duration - 7 Hours

Enjoy the most magnificent view of Lake Atitlan, whether it be sunrise or mid-day. Over 4000 feet above Lake Atitlan you will see the entire lake and have views of seven volcanoes.  Easy hike from the trail-head to the summit, the drive through the highlands and cloud forest are worth the trip alone. 



Climb Acatenango the third highest volcano in Central America (overnight trip)

Duration – Overnight

You will begin your journey in Antigua at La Soledad village where the trek begins at Acatenango volcano. This adventure is to the top of the third largest volcano in Central America!  You will see native wildlife and the spectacular sunrise from the sleeping giant volcano which is the twin of the most active volcanoes in Guatemala.  After reaching base camp you will spend the night watching the sunset before making the early morning trek to the top of the mountain to watch the stunning sunrise.

Paddleboard in Lake Atitlan

Duration – 4 hours.

Paddle deep into the eighth wonder of the world and soak up the breath-taking surroundings in the most peaceful way imaginable. Meditate and float past volcanoes, forests, and wildlife. You will be at an absolute one with nature. You will paddle along rugged cliff faces filled with exotic plants and bird-life. If you need more of an awakening you will have the opportunity to cliff-jump into the crystal clear waters.


Visit Coffee Plantation

Duration – 3 hours.

Learn about Guatemala’s centuries old production of coffee from the plantation stage to your cup. End your tour by tasting the most amazing coffee in the world!

Rappel in a gorgeous waterfall in the forest

Duration – 4 hours.

Shake up the super chill vibes of Guatemala and get your adrenaline pumping by rappelling down a waterfall in the stunning forests surrounding the lake.

Markets of Chichicastenango

Duration – 1.5 hours from the lake and time to spend exploring.

Held on Thursdays and Sundays, these beautiful markets are a heaven for hand-crafts, foods, flowers, pottery, and textiles. They give such an amazing insight into life in Guatemala and give an excellent opportunity to engage with the locals.